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The Portfolio Advisory Board (PAB) commits itself to realizing the Vision of the Adrian Dominican Sisters through shareholder advocacy and community investing.                   -- Purpose Statement 2005

The Adrian Dominican Sisters, established in the 1880s, is a congregation of approximately 700 vowed religious women based in the Adrian, Michigan. They have 40 years of commitment to, and practice of, socially responsible investing (SRI).

Their commitment incorporates two aspects of SRI: institutional investing in the major stock markets according to criteria, including shareholder advocacy on corporate social responsibility (CSR); and investing in non-profit community-based organizations engaged in community (re)investment. Both aspects of the Adrian Dominicans’ SRI history are rooted in and guided by the Catholic Social Justice tradition. Both endeavors are guided with fiduciary and financial expertise, with expectation of financial return.

Since it was established, the Portfolio Advisory Board (PAB) has played an integral role in the Adrian Dominican Congregation’s work for justice, peace, and care of creation. Our 2015 publication, "Celebrating 40 Years of Socially Responsible Investing," highlights the critical work we have done in this arena. Through socially responsible investing, the Congregation strives to put its money where its values are (see the Wall Street Journal article "Sustainable Investing: A Defense" for more on this social justice practice).





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